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Bhutanese Culture

Hot Spring Bath Tour

There are many hot springs in Bhutan. The hot spring is a fun and relaxing trek. Bhutanese people also believe that the springs have great medicinal value. You'll see that many Bhutanese people will be at the springs enjoying themselves. Enjoy amazing views, local interaction and tours of our most magnificent cultural sites. Hot spring tours are very popular among the Bhutanese themselves as it is believed to have been blessed by our great meditation lord Guru Rinpoche (Guru Padmasambhava) and it is also believes that many diseases are curable for most of the incurable diseases of our modern times. Hot spring bath will also make you feel young, flexible and energetic.

People believe that soaking in this Hot Spring will cure illnesses, such as stomach ailments, headache, skin problems and the list goes on and on. A broken leg or arm goes to recuperate at these Hot springs. They strongly believe that soaking as many times as possible in the hot water will bring about a miraculous recovery and heal the broken bones and ease the pain. At one hot spring site (i.e Gasa Tsachu), there is a small cave which is a sulphur cave. If you stick your nose in it and breathe in the sulphuric air it is supposed to cure sinusitis if you have it. Different hot springs are supposed to cure different illnesses.

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