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Bhutanese Culture

Hot Stone Bath Tour In Bhutan

Tsheringma Tours and Travels will let you experience the Hot-stone -bath tours in Bhutan.
Hot-stone-bath is a very popular form of medication practiced in Bhutan. There is no recorded history of its origin. In the olden times it was a luxury enjoyed by the well to do families. A whole day was spent to organize this particular event where the whole family would take part in the hot-stone bathing ceremony.

This event was very elaborate. Most well to do families consulted their chief astrologer to look for an auspicious day to organize this event. It's a general belief in Bhutan that any medication done on an auspicious day has more healing power and benefit. A team of able bodied men would make huge fire and heated rocks over it.

A large wooden trough of about 4 - 4.5 feet length, one and half feet breadth and 2- 2.5 feet height (usually vary) is filled with fresh cold spring water. Red hot mineral stones are immersed from one end. As the water gets heated a person slowly enters the trough and sits immersed neck down in water. Depending on the heat and the interest of a person more red-hot-stones will be added. A person remains immersed in the hot mineral water from 20 minutes to an hour's time. From time to time hot soup or cold drinks will be served to the person. The more a person sweats, the better it's for the person.

Hot-stone-bath is effective when the water temperature is relatively high. A person sits in the water relaxed, free of worries and with full of enthusiasm. This medication is more like a heat therapy or the poultice practiced in many Asian countries. To keep away from the drought and risk of catching cold, the moment a person is out of the bath he or she gets into the bed and remains cuddled in a blanket.

No scientific research has been done so far, but hot-stone-bath is popularly believed to have certain medicinal benefits. It's a fact that about 80% of skin diseases are curable. Hot-stone-bath is believed to heal many ailments like joint pains, hypertension, stomach disorder, arthritis and many other minor diseases. The addition of aromatic herbs in the water further enhances the healing power of the bath.

Some of the herbs added are a secret known to very few families. The secret is revealed only to their close family members. Some of the families are so secretive that they bring only the root of certain herbs; which most people fail to recognize the actual plant.

Hot-stone-bath has no side effects. It is in its pure natural form. The water is collected directly from the clear spring, unlike most underground water source; it's free of chemical pesticides and industrial pollution. The herbs added are collected in pollution free high altitude areas. Therefore, we would like to welcome all of you for Hot-stone bath tours.

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